Tickets are sold out

Tickets to TEDxStowe 2019 are sold out.

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What do tickets cost?  All tickets cost $24 including taxes and fees.

Can I chose my seats? No, you cannot chose your seats in advance - please arrive early to get your preferred seats.

When does it start? The show starts promptly at 6.30pm, doors open at 6.

How many tickets can I buy at one time? Only one

Why can I only buy one ticket? We need the email address of everyone who attends our event, the best way to do this is to get everyone to buy their own ticket.

Why do you need my email address? We need to send you a survey after the event to see how we did. We operate under license from TED- it's your review of our event that will determine whether we can renew our license. Your personal information will be kept completely private. We promise we will not provide your email address to ANY external organization.

Are tickets refundable? Yes, if you are unable to attend TEDxStowe your tickets are refundable until 3 days prior to the event.

Are tickets transferable? Yes, if you are unable to attend TEDxStowe you can transfer your ticket through Universe, our ticketing partner.